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Broadway ZOOMCAMP will use the innovative features of the Zoom Online Education Platform to enhance the musical theatre fundamentals we’ve been teaching for years.   Breakout rooms will add flexibility to group work. Direct messaging can make scene study and improv exercises more interactive and more focused. 


We’ll use other Zoom features such as polling, virtual backgrounds, and screen sharing features to enhance our activities.  Our ZoomCamp format will provide campers with similar freedom and opportunity for self-expression and discovery as in our in-person program.


Our camp philosophy is based on the notion that providing children a safe and nurturing environment for self-expression and discovery builds compassion, confidence, and self-esteem.



Curated specifically for ZOOMCAMP by our own Julia Lennon, our unique, improvisation-based acting curriculum is taught at both an age-specific and a mixed grade-level basis, providing campers the opportunity to learn from their teachers and from each other.  Campers will also be working towards creating a pre-recorded final showcase to be presented at the end of the two weeks. In preparation for the showcase, each camper will receive individual and small group coachings of their assigned material.  The acting program is supervised by seasoned acting educator and Broadway veteran Frank Root, who brings his professional and college teaching experience to both beginning and returning students alike, broadening their knowledge of character and scene development in a supportive, judgment-free environment.  



Supervised by resident vocal technician and seasoned music teacher, Phillip Bettencourt, and supported by composer and orchestrator, Jon Bauerfeld, music and vocal production is incorporated into every camper's daily routine. Our ZoomCamp curriculum will provide both novice and experienced singers with useful and understandable information about how to sing to the best of their ability through breathing and vocal exercises, healthy phonation and projection instruction.  In group classes, campers will learn about various musicals, composers and styles, and play fun music games.  



Supervised by Assistant Artistic Director and Choreographer Abby Root Mulgrew, dance and movement are an integral part of the Broadway ZoomCamp experience.  Taking into consideration the physical limitations of dancing from home, our talented dance staff develop fundamental skills and choreograph fun-filled dance numbers that are accessible to campers at all levels of ability and are safe to teach and learn from home.  From our physical warm-up that starts every day with stretching, core-strengthening and focus-building exercises to dance classes that will focus on the styles of various Broadway dance icons, campers will have the opportunity to get up from their seats, move their bodies and have fun learning together.


BBC Signature Games

From theatre games designed to develop fundamental skills, to group and team games we play just for fun, we include some game time every day.  Although some of our games are super-secret and we can’t reveal them online (shhhhh!), some others that campers love include “The Expert Game,” “Vacation Slideshow,” and “Bus Stop.” 



New this summer just for Broadway ZoomCamp!  Our Zoom platform provides us a unique opportunity to present special workshops on a variety of theatre-related topics including, but not limited to:


  • auditioning

  • building a repertoire book

  • lyric writing

  • costume design

  • playwriting

  • the art of the self-tape

  • Shakespeare


Visiting Professionals (to be announced)

Since Broadway Bootcamp’s creation, a number of our friends in the industry have expressed an interest in visiting us at camp, but their performance schedules always seem to be a stumbling block.  With Broadway and regional theatres dark this summer, we’ll finally be able to host some Broadway and industry professionals for visits with our campers.  We can’t say who just yet, but your kids will be excited to be able to learn from some of the best!

A Day in the Life of a ZOOMCAMPER!

9:30 am - Morning Meeting
9:45 am - Physical Warm-Up w/ Phillip and Julie
Phillip takes you through his trademark warm-up and physical training exercise designed for campers of all levels of ability, assisted by Julie. This will develop the fundamental skills necessary to use your body as a performer on stage and screen.
10:15 am - Acting Class w/ Frank, Trey and Julia
Campers will take a three-class course with each of our three acting experts.  In groups by age, campers will enjoy improv activities, play reading and even clowning in a fun, active and engaging way.
11:15 am - Screen Break
11:30 am - Music Class or Dance Class
Campers will rotate between music class with Phillip and Jon and dance class with Julie.  In music, Phillip and Jon have fun plans to get kids to sing and to learn about musical theater history.  Julie will teach campers dance combinations and movement skills that match the styles of various music theater choreographers.
12:15 pm - Screen Break
12:30 pm - Lunch with Friends & Counselors
This optional lunch is a chance for campers to have time to socialize with their friends and counselors in an unstructured setting.
1:00 pm - Screen Break
1:15 pm -  Rehearsals and One-On-One Coaching
Campers will use this time as an opportunity to work on material for their Final Showcase, in both small group settings and one-on-one activities with our staff of theater professionals.
2:00 pm - Screen Break
2:15 pm - Workshops and Camp Games
This rotational block will include special workshops including lyric writing, how to film a "self-tape", master classes with Broadway professionals, and various traditional Broadway Bootcamp games.
3:15 pm - Closing Group Meeting
Will Broadway Bootcamp
return in 2021?
We certainly hope so!  While we are excited about our new ZOOMCAMP program, there's nothing like being there in person!  So, let's hope that by next summer the world has returned to normal and we can all Bootcamp together.  CLICK HERE to learn about
Broadway Bootcamp.