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Casting Philosophy

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At BBC, the casting process is fun and unintimidating! 
Casting occurs during the first few days of camp, in a nurturing and non-threatening process.  All the kids are taught a number from the show, and casting is held in a supportive group setting.  Each camper is assigned a partner, and together they will read a scene from the show.  Campers may opt to sing with a partner or group if they’re not yet comfortable singing solo.  We work hard to make casting as fun and non-threatening as possible!

The casting process helps us assess each camper’s talent, ability, comfort level, etc.  Every camper gets a part in the show, and every camper participates in daily rehearsals, classes, costuming, dress rehearsals and, of course, our final performances.

Our casting philosophy
Broadway Bootcamp is not a “Star-Based System.”   Although individual talents and abilities are always taken into account during the casting process, we also pay careful attention to making sure that each camper has a successful experience. A child who is given a part that is too much of stretch, either in terms of ability, experience, maturity, or interest level, is not being given the best opportunity to succeed.  The idea is to build their self-esteem, not set them up to fail.

Not every child is right for every role

Sometimes a child with a beautiful singing voice and “great acting chops” simply isn’t right for a particular role.   Perhaps they’re too young or too old compared to the other children -- or one of a whole host of other reasons.  It’s our job to look at the big picture and make sure that the cast works as a whole.

Double Casting

Lead roles are frequently double-cast to provide more children opportunities to take on larger roles.   In this case, each child will perform that role in one performance, and perform in a smaller ensemble role during the other performance of that show.  Again, these decisions are made taking a variety of factors into account.

Theatre is a team sport.  We know you’ve heard it a million times:  “There are no small roles, only small actors.”  Well, all of our actors are small, but however trite it sounds it’s still true!  We work hard to instill that team spirit in our casting, our rehearsals, and our performances.   We really do want every child on that stage to feel important.

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