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Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Bootcamp

  • What are the session dates for Broadway Bootcamp 2024?
    Session dates for Broadway Bootcamp 2024 are: Session 1: 6/24 - 7/11 Session 2: 7/15 - 8/01 Session 3: 8/5 - 8/22 Session dates for Broadway Bootcamp jr is: July 15 - July 26
  • How much is tuition this year?
    Broadway Bootcamp: $1,425 per child Broadway Bootcamp jr. $950 per child All registrations require a 50% deposit or payment in full.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    We understand that summer plans may change, however we cannot provide refunds within ten calendar days of camp. A $50 registration fee will be deducted from all refunds.
  • When and where will each session's performance take place?
    Broadway Bootcamp: Each session will culminate in a fully-staged, hour long musical production on the final Friday (7pm) and Saturday (3pm) of the session. Performance details will be announced closer to the summer. Broadway Bootcamp jr.: Each session will culminate in a half-hour musical production on the final Friday of the session. Performance details will be announced closer to the summer.
  • What time does camp begin and end?
    Broadway Bootcamp: 9:30am - 3:30pm. Special hours apply to Performance Saturday. Broadway Bootcamp jr.: 9:30am - 2:30 pm. Special hours apply to Performance Friday.
  • How does the drop-off and pick-up process work?
    All pick-ups and drop-offs are held in the back parking lot at Southport Congregational Church. Drop-off begins no earlier than 9:15am. Pick-up occurs promptly at 3:30pm. Campers are not dismissed until a parent/guardian has been seen, and the camper has shaken the hand of a staff member acknowledging their dismissal, at which time parents/guardians assume responsibility of the child. All drivers must proceed slowly and patiently as children are walking through the parking lot.
  • What is the process for dropping off a child late or picking a child up early?
    If you know your child will be absent, late, or need to leave early, please send a note with them the previous day or email us at
  • How do I contact Broadway Bootcamp during the day?
    Please send an email to This email account is monitored throughout the day by the staff.
  • Do I need to call someone if my child is going to be absent?
    Yes, please send an email to We request minimal absenteeism, and strongly discourage absence during the third week of any session.
  • Does Broadway Bootcamp provide lunch?
    Each child must bring their own non-perishable lunch.
  • Are any packed lunch items prohibited?
    Bootcamp is not an allergy-free environment, so any reasonable lunch items are welcome. We do not have adequate refrigeration to refrigerate each camper’s lunch. We discourage items that need to be kept cold or frozen, or heated before consuming.
  • What if my child has allergies or medical conditions?
    Bootcamp is not an allergy-free environment. Be sure to provide all relevant information and sign the Medical Care Authorization form when completing our online registration process. If a child is injured, first aid will be administered, and 911 will be called in an emergency.
  • Is Broadway Bootcamp appropriate for children with physical disabilities or developmental disorders?
    Singing, dancing and acting is part of each child’s experience at Broadway Bootcamp. We seek to create as inclusive and accessible an environment as possible, although our program may not be appropriate depending on your child’s needs. We encourage parents to contact us directly to discuss if Broadway Bootcamp is right for your family.
  • If my child gets a small part, what will they do all day?"
    At Broadway Bootcamp, we carefully craft each day so that every child has a fun and productive day. Everyone takes acting class each day of camp, as well as vocal or staging rehearsals. Some days we also have dance classes, and round out the day with group games! To ensure an optimal camp experience, every camper will be assigned a part that is important to the creation and staging of the session's musical production.
  • Do I need to purchase costumes for my child?
    We provide many costume pieces, however occasionally we will ask for your child to bring things from home, such as certain types of shoes or pants. This may mean you need to purchase these items, but we try to keep them to simple items that most people already have.
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